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  • Hallways, waiting room, and interview areas are monitored by cameras and patrolled by a Security Officer. Our Agency will NOT tolerate offensive language, inappropriate behavior, verbal abuse, or threats of any kind. Response by a Security Officer or police agency and/or arrest will be made, if necessary.
  • Please be Patient. We strive to see clients in a timely manner but there will be days when you may have to wait longer than 30 minutes to be seen. You will not be called from the waiting room in the order you arrived, since others may be here to see a different type of worker than you need to see. Parents are expected to monitor their children at all times and not allow children to run or play in public areas, such as: hallways or public restrooms.
  • Information on Programs and Services provided through this Agency can be found on our Agency website at: http://www.co.chenango.ny.us/departments.php or go to the NYS OTDA website prescreening tool at: https://www.mybenefits.ny.gov/selfservice
  • Walk-in hours at this Agency are Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm. When you arrive, please check-in with our receptionist. You will be asked to complete a short "Intake Form"  and for your confidentiality you will be assigned a number by which you will be called from the waiting room, rather than by name. INDIVIDUALS WAITING ARE NOT CALLED FROM WAITING ROOM BY ORDER ARRIVED OR IN NUMBER ORDER. We try to see clients on the same day but those arriving at this agency after 4:00pm cannot always be seen and may be asked to return on another day or time.
  • You must file an application in order to determine if you are eligible for benefits. If your household has little or no money and needs help right away, you may qualify for "expedited" food stamps. If you do, you must receive your initial Food Stamp benefit within five days. You still have to complete the eligibility process and suppy all required documentation at a later date. Those applying for Cash Assistance are first screened for any emergencies and scheduled an appointment for a face-to-face interview. Applications for Food Stamps ( FS) and Medicaid ( MA) do not require a scheduled appointment for an interview, but one can be arranged. If you require reasonable accommodation due to a disability, hearing/speech impairment or are in need of a language interpreter, please call this Agency or inquire at the reception desk at Social Services. Contact numbers for application inquiries, appointments or requests for reasonable accommodation are listed below ~

Cash Assistance and Food Stamps: (607) 337-1510, 337-1524, 337-1535, or 337-1476

Medicaid Programs: (607) 337-1531 or 337-1885

Other Programs/Services: (607) 337-1500 or toll free at 1-877-337-1501

  • Check out the State website prescreening tool where you can check your possible eligibility for a variety of services and programs: http://www.mybenefits.ny.gov/selfservice Residents of Chenango County can now apply online for Food Stamps through the myBenefits website.
  • There is a walk-up counter in the hallway leading to the reception desk. A variety of information is located here in addition to "Change Report Forms" which can be utilized to report changes in your household circumstances. Please identify yourself on all forms and note the worker or program unit the completed forms should be delivered to. Completed forms can be given to receptionist or put in the DSS drop box which is located in the waiting room area of Social Services. NO PAYMENTS OF ANY KIND or CASH ARE TO BE DEPOSITED IN THIS DROP BOX.
This notice in addition to the following other notices are provided in all application packets. Please notify this Agency immediately if you are missing any of the following:
There are Client Information Booklets, available to all applicants and recipients, which answer many questions concerning Social Services programs and services. Copies of these booklets are made available at our reception desk or through your eligibility worker. They are also located at the walk up counter area in the hallway leading up to the reception desk. A few examples of important topics contained in each booklet are:

Book 1: What You Should Know About Your Rights & Responsibilities (Rev. 02/10).

  • Application and Nondiscrimination Rights - Pages 3-5
  • Right to a Conference or Fair Hearing - Pages 7-10 (*See note below)
  • Your Responsibilities - Pages 15-34
  • Documentation Requirements - Pages 17-21
  • Finger Imaging Requirements - Page 21
  • Reporting Changes - Pages 22-25
  • Employment Requirements - Pages 26-28
  • Responsibilities Regarding Child Care - Pages 28-29
  • Child & Spousal Support - Pages 29-31
  • Alcohol & Substance Abuse Screening - Page 31-32
  • Use of Medical Providers - Page 32
  • Recertification Responsibilities - Page 32-33
  • Minor Parents and Temporary Assistance - Page 33
Book 2: What You Should Know About Social Services Programs (Rev. 02/10).
  • Domestic Violence - Page 8
  • Medicaid Co-Payments - Pages 12-13 ( FHP - see page 19)
  • Past Medical Bills - Pages 13-14 ( FHP - see page 20)
  • Utilization Thresholds for Medicaid - Pages 17-18
  • Child Support Services - Pages 20-22
  • Electronic Benefit Transfer - Pages 39-42
Book 3: What you Should Know If You Have An Emergency (Rev. 10/09).
  • Expedited Processing for Food Stamp Benefits - Page 2

If you have not received these booklets please ask for copies and be sure to save them for future use as they contain important information for those applying for or receiving benefits.

* The Office of Administrative Hearings has a statewide toll-free number and internet access for clients and representatives to use when requesting a hearing or calling for other hearing related purposes:

Toll-free statewide number ~ 800-342-3334
Website address ~ http://www.otda.state.ny.us/oah/forms.asp



Chenango County

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