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Click on any of the three logos above for ACCESS NY Public Health Insurance Eligibility Screening Tool to see which public health insurance programs you and your family may be eligible for OR click on the myBenefits logo below to check out your eligibility for other benefits and services.


The New York State Medicaid Program provides health insurance coverage which is funded by federal, state, and local dollars and is administered on the state level by the New York State Department of Health. There are multiple programs and services offered through NYS Medicaid and differ amongst eligibility groups such as pregnant women, infants under the age of one, children under age 19 and the aged, blind and disabled. For more detailed information on Health Insurance Programs available in New York State, visit the NYS Department of Health website at http://www.health.state.ny.us/health_care/

How Do You Apply?
Chenango County Department of Social Services
Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm

A face to face interview is no longer required to file an application for Medicaid. You can write, phone, email or visit our Agency to request an application form, which when completed can be mailed, faxed or dropped off to our office. You can also apply with the help of an enrollment facilitator.

A "Fill and Print" ACCESS NY Health Care application form can be accessed through the NYS Department of Health website. Instructions on how to complete and documents you need to provide are outlined on that site also.

Note: Medicaid Applications for Nursing Home Coverage do not require a face to face interview, but can be arranged upon request. If you would prefer to schedule an appointment to discuss Medicaid coverage for Nursing Home Care, please call 607.337.1534 or contact us by email using the agency contact form.

Applications for Family Health Plus, Child Health Plus, Medicaid (except for Nursing Home coverage), WIC and PCAP can also be filed through an enrollment facilitator. To locate a facilitated enroller, program information and application forms, please visit the following websites:

Medicaid Programs

Child Health Plus

Family Health Plus

PCAP (Prenatal Care Assistance Program)

Family Planning Benefit Program

WIC (Women, Infants and Childrens Program)

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Long Term Care Services

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Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage Program ( EPIC)

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NYS Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Other Health Care Facilities

Important Numbers
NYS Medicaid Helpline: 1.800.541.2831
NYS Medicaid Newborn Helpline: 1.877.463.7680
Family Health Plus (adult insurance program): 1.877.934.7587
Child Health Plus (children's insurance program): 1.800.698.4543   
Healthy Baby/ PCAP (information for pregnant women): 1.800.522.5006
Healthy NY (low cost insurance for individuals and small businesses): 1.866.432.5849
EPIC (drug coverage for seniors): 1.800.332.3742
Medicaid Co.Payment Hotline: 1.800.541.2831

Chenango County

Department of Social Services
County Office Building
5 Court Street
Norwich, NY 13815

Hours: 8:30AM - 5:00PM (Monday - Friday)
Phone: 607.337.1500
Toll Free: 877.337.1501
Fax: 607.337.1525