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Child Care Time and Attendance (CCTA) System for Parents and Providers.

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The Child Care Assistance Program for Chenango County residents assists low and moderate income families who are working, job seeking, attend employment training, with the cost of child care. You do not have to be receiving any other DSS assistance or aid to qualify for child care assistance.

Eligibility Requirements
Your County Department of Social Services determines eligibility for Child Care Assistance. If you do not reside in Chenango County, you must contact the County Department of Social Services where you live for information and application forms for the Child Care Assistance program in your district of residence.

Assistance is based primarily on the income of working families, child's age and individual needs. The hours that parents are involved in work or approved training or education are also a factor. Depending upon their income and family size, families may be responsible for cost sharing referred to as "parent fee" or "family share fee".

Families in receipt of Safety Net (SN) or Family Assistance ( FA) benefits are guaranteed child care assistance to enable parents to work or participate in approved training or work site assignments. If your SN or FA case closes due to employment and there is a need for child care services, child care assistance is guaranteed for 12 months if working families earn 200% or less of the State Income Standard. Parents contribute a family share fee based on a sliding income scale.

Child Care Assistance may also be available for children services cases when Child Care is mandated as part of the individual service plan for Preventive/Protective Services.

How Do You Apply?
To apply for Child Care Assistance in Chenango County, you must complete, sign, and submit an application to this Agency. Application forms may be requested by phone, in person, or email using the contact information listed above or you can print out an application form using the link below. Complete all information and mail-in to this Agency along with required documentation outlined in the "How to Complete the Application for Child Care" document linked below.

Chenango County Application for Child Care Assistance

How To Complete the Application for Child Care Assistance

The application process includes having certain information verified and
documented, such as:

  • Identity
  • Household Composition
  • Age of child
  • Relationship of caretaker to child
  • Absence of parent/caretaker
  • Resident status of child
  • Income
  • Reason for child care
  • Special needs, if applicable
  • Child Support Order Status

Once we receive your completed application you will be contacted and provided with a list of any additional documentation needs.

How The Program Works
Eligibility Social Welfare Examiners determine who qualifies for Child Care Assistance in Chenango County. The parent or legal guardian chooses the Child Care Provider. All Providers must be either approved or licensed before payment can be made.

Once an eligibility decision is made, you will be notified by mail regarding your eligibility for Child Care Assistance and any family share fees you are responsible for paying directly to your provider. For further information on finding Child Care, please visit:



Information for Parents


Toll Free Number and Information about Child Care Complaints

Information for Child Care Providers


Health Insurance for Children, Families and Small Businesses


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